National workshop has been organized in Kosovo on 13-14 July 2022.

The opening ceremony has been held at the Innovative Campus with the presence of International Office UBT, Erasmus Office, International invited Professors from different universities and representative of the collaborating Faculties.

The opening word has been held from the Head of International Office Ms. Lirigzona Morina which emphasized the importance of the international collaboration and Erasmus Capacity Building. Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Director for Academic Affairs welcomed the BKSTONE event at UBT in Kosovo. Vice Dean of the Civil Engineering and Infrastructure Prof. Visar Krelani presented the agenda of the meeting, explaining in details to the participants the activities that would be held during these days.

An introductory and general presentation for the BKSTONE Projects has been done by the representative of the Project Office Ms. Elinda Krasniqi which presented the project and working activities that are ongoing and the relation with the industry focusing at the outcomes of the project.

Prof. Hazir Cadraku presented his study about the stone potential in Kosovo and its use related with the traditional use of the stone in buildings, pavements, bridges and relation with its quality based on the tests that has been performed thanks even to the equipment’s that have been received from the project at the UBT Materials Laboratory.

The presentation continued with the implementations of different materials that could bring to concretes with higher durability studding problems as crack and water permeability under pressure until innovative properties, such as self-healing capacity of modern concretes.

One of the most important activities was represented by the exhibition that stone factories and producers related with the stone production was presented at the Innovative Campus at UBT (see pictures), where national and international participants from the industry, faculty, students and other stakeholders that had the possibility to discuss and see the products of the stone industry.

Companies were very happy for the possibility and they appreciated and expressed their satisfaction about UBT team and the workshop.

Based in the agenda, small groups of participants had the possibility to visit and perform some durability tests at the UBT materials laboratory using different techniques.

Visiting the stone factories was another important activity to understand the whole process from mining to the final products and thanks to this a group of quite 50 participants

The importance of cooperation with experts from the European Union was presented as a key point and having the possibility to improve curriculums, create new study material, use the most modern technologies at the laboratory and improve the knowledge connecting academia with the stakeholders make this project unique and very important for the future industry of the stone. A questionnaire would be sent online to all participants to confirm the quality of the trainings and whole activities.

After the site visiting at the “Fabrika e Gurit” different social activities have been done at the Mirusha Falls which represent a region rich of stones and another social activity has been developed in the city of Gjakova, visiting the most interesting places such as old bazar, mosques, churches and buildings mostly build with traditional and regional stone.

The organizing team thanks all the participants and the sponsors that make it all happen wishing that hopefully other activities and projects would bring us all together again.

Video from the Exhibition available in the link: https://www.facebook.com/ubthighereducationinstitution/videos/427077979158517\

Pictures from Stone Factory “Fabrika e Gurit” – Kijeve, Malisheva

Pictures from Stone Factory “Fabrika e Gurit” – Kijeve, Malisheva

Pictures from Mirusha Falls and Gjakova old Bazar

Pictures from the Closure of the BKS|TONE Days at UBT Headquarter – Prishtina