Reference number: 610483-EPP-1-2019-1-AL-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP


The National Workshop, in the framework of Dissemination and Exploitation of BKSTONE Project – Higher Education-Enterprise platform for fostering, modernisation and Sustainable growth in natural stone industry in Western Balkans, was organised in Podgorica, University Mediterranean Podgorica on September 15, 2022. The workshop was attended by the University staff and students from Montenegrin universities, representatives from high schools (in the area of tourism), stakeholders from stone industry, National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, Chamber of commerce.

The workshop was hosted at the premises of the University Mediterranean, with 31 participants. The aim was to introduce, disseminate and transfer the knowledge related to the stone sector to the main target groups of the project, and to discuss what impact of project deliveries will have on the stone industry.

Prof. Maja Delibasic briefly presented the project, its consortium and main ideas and goals. Prof. Silvana Djurasevic presented the results of the project, its importance to the Montenegrin stone sector and possible benefits. New curricula developed at the Faculty of tourism, focused on the stone market and the importance of stone in Montenegrin tourism and cultural heritage are presented, together with all of the various interactive materials that were created to support that curricula. An e-book publication was presented, which is the one of the main results of the BKSTONE project. Trainings of staff and students (one of the workshops for testing courses was organized by UNIMED in May 2022) were also presented.

After the official project presentations, panel discussion with the workshop participants was organized. Main conclusions from the workshop are that the stone industry in Montenegro is of big importance. However, the stakeholders pointed out the lack of qualified staff on the labour market and lack of connectivity within the industry. Since the representatives of the Chamber of commerce from the field of tourism and stone industry were present, they were informed on site about the problems of stakeholders, and expressed interest in more intense cooperation.