Meeting Description Survey




The meeting started at 10:00 on October, 5th 2020.



The online meeting was attended by representatives of all associated countries partner organizations:

  • Polytechnic University of Tirana
  • University Aleksander Xhuvani of Elbasan
  • University Eqrem Çabej of Gjirokastra
  • University of Sarajevo
  • University of Mostar
  • Mediterranean University of Montenegro
  • University of Pristine
  • UBT – University of Business and Technology,
  • Asociacion Empresarial de Investigacion Centro Tecnologico del Marmol
  • IES Ribeira do Louro



– REDISTRIBUTION OF QUESTIONNAIRES: UBT proposed to compile all questionnaires into a unique questionnaire. Several partners gave their own opinions and finally was agreed to structure all questions in three questionnaires: mining, manufacturing and construction. The questions related to marketing will be transversal to these three questionnaires. This consolidation of questionnaires work will be undertaken by IES Ribeira do Louro.


– TRANSLATION OF QUESTIONNAIRES: Partners agreed that for the purpose of implementing the survey in the associated countries the use of two languages would be enough. Then there would be a common questionnaire for Albania and Kosovo, and another one for Bosnia & Herzegovina & Herzegovina and Montenegro. For the translation of the questions the following was agreed:

  • Translation to Albanian language, UBT University will undertake it for the three questionnaires. Remaining partners from Albania and Kosovo expressed their gratitude for undertaking this task and their availability to cooperate in the work.
  • Translation to the language of B&H and Montenegro, the agreed distribution will be as following:
  1. University of Montenegro will be in charge of translating the questionnaires related to Mining and Marketing.
  2. University of Sarajevo will undertake the translation of the questionnaire for Manufacturing.
  3. University of Mostar will be in charge of translating the questionnaire related to Construction.


– INCLUSION OF VET IN THE SURVEY:  Partners discussed related to the inclusion of VET in the survey, in spite of universities in the project from B&H don’t offer those courses. IES Ribeira do Louro representative explained that an important topic of the project was to find out information regarding the VET courses available in the Balkan region in the topic of the project, as well as, to highlight the needs of the companies in terms of the different level of VET skills for their workers, as that is an important requirement for the development and modernisation of natural stone industry in the region. Finally, it was agreed that partners must find out that information from the companies and the different education systems: higher education and vocational education and training.


– SIZE OF THE SAMPLE: Regarding the size of the sample, it was agreed that partners implementing the survey will try to get at least the answer of 20 organizations to each questionnaire. However, the small size of some of the countries and the reduced number of companies/education organization, can make impossible in some cases to achieve this number in some particular cases. Should it be the case, the partner will try the get the biggest possible number of answers to the questionnaires.


– EQUIPMENT: Partner CTM confirmed that the last version of the equipment to be purchased sent by the partners is according to the project proposal and to the courses to be implemented by the partner, what means that can be already sent to Brussels for their confirmation that the equipment can be purchased. CTM representative confirmed that the final list will be sent to Polytechnic University of Tirana, project coordinator, in order to them send it for approval to Brussels.


– NEXT MEETING: Attending partners said that, due pandemic current situation, physically attending a meeting in Kosovo would be very difficult and proposed to attend the meeting online. Project coordinator agreed in proposing soon a date for that.

The online meeting was closed at 11:40 hours.