Work Packages Development

Implementation of learning content and resources for improving education in natural stone sector.

Development is the main work package in the project, where consortium will develop all the educational resources that at the end will help Western Balkan stone companies to be more competitive.

Phase 1. Design of the materials for University HEIs.

Based on the results of the previous work package, with the reports related to study and training programmes and enterprises methods and equipment, as well as in the commercial strategies, study courses will be developed in order to bring to the Balkan universities those working methods being used nowadays in those countries most developed in Europe in this sector, as they are Spain, Italy, Greece of Romania. University of Athens and University of Transylvania of Brasov co-lead this phase.

Phase 2. Design of the materials for tertiary VET level.

As well as the phase 1, this phase will make use of previous work package, and it will be developed in parallel. In this way, study courses will be developed in order to bring to the Balkan universities those working methods being used nowadays.

IES Ribeira do Louro and CPIPE will collaborate in the coordination of the development of the materials for the tertiary level VET courses, as well as the courses for HEI staff related to international marketing and e-commerce at tertiary VET level, because of its competences and expertise in these aspects (it is an organisation with diplomas in international commerce, marketing and it has subjects related to the stone processes).

Phase 3. Consultation process at national level in each partner countries.

Furthermore, once Western Balkan countries HEI’s access to this knowledge, the local enterprises will be interested in fostering relations with them because of they will want to develop of their companies and put them in the international map of the stone industry. In addition, current students will be their employees in the future, so the students, will be also a tool to transfer the knowledge to the companies, besides the direct relations of HEI’s with them, which this project will bring during its development.

Phase 4. Production phase.

Furthermore, due to its experience in European projects and particularly in coordinating the development of multimedia ICT tools, it will coordinate the production of the Online Resource Centre, where the content developed by consortium will get a supporting tool for its implementation in the HEI.

In addition, 4 eBooks in the 4 fields of the project (Mining, Manufacturing, Advanced Techniques and Marketing), which they will be transversally connected, will be developed with interactive training materials, videos, leading techniques, enterprise training solutions, etc.

Phase 5. Teachers training programmes.

It will be selected the group of teachers from partner countries to implement the training courses in the Phase 6. This phase will be very important, due to teachers will attend training necessary for the efficient performance of their duties during next phase. It will be carried out in the EU programme countries.

Phase 6. Testing and implementation of improvements phase.

Testing phase will take place in partner countries in direct contact with the main target groups. The aim is to test and validate the outputs through the external view of the final beneficiaries. The main approach will be that of piloting specific sessions directly in Universities and centres which run courses where the concept of specialization on natural stone could the adapted to degrees and masters as well as Tertiary VET short cycles.