Work Packages Dissemination and exploitation

Dissemination and exploitation

The dissemination is considered a key aspect of the project and attention will be paid to it along the whole project.

The dissemination plan has been already outlined and will be commonly approved in the kick-off meeting of the project, incorporating any final amendment that is considered suitable based on any new reality at that time. The plan is conceived to start from the very beginning, to be implemented with actions alongside the duration of the project and to make a special emphasis in the last period, when the dissemination will be reinforced to present the final outcomes.

The strategic points of the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan, defining the main goals and target groups are outlined in section G of this document.

The quantitative goals in each country have been estimated based on the reality and current activities of the participating partners. This has permitted to provide the global number of stakeholders to be reached during project lifetime and beyond, as indicators of the quantitative impact of the project. To achieve these goals and maximise the expected impact, the partners will carry out the following activities using direct communication channels:

– To disseminate the project tasks and results internally within their organisations, so that not only the staff directly working in the project, but the rest of the organisation and related community may have access to it.

– To advertise the intermediate outputs of the project, by the means each partner finds more efficient to the already identified target groups. This advertisement actions will be coordinated by promoter and they will be tracked by means of a dissemination report.

– To organise or join promotional events related to the Higher Education field or the stone industry, where the project outcomes may be presented.

– To organise a specific number of multiplier events related to the main target groups of the project.

Besides the direct channels, the project will use electronic means to promote the project to a broader public. In this sense, a webpage will be produced, from where all the promotional aspects and progress of the project will be broadcast for the public of the target groups at large.

Finally, with an institutional purpose and a broader scope of participants, a final closure event is planned, where representatives of Higher Education institutions in partner and programme countries, representatives of the stone industry, and public institutions of partner countries will be gathered as a mean to facilitate the sustainability of the project and to achieve the planned long-term impact of the project