Work Packages Management

Management of the project.

The working methods for the adequate management of the project in terms of effective implementation and efficient resources to be deployed:

1.- The signature of bilateral agreements between promoter and each partner. They will include the rights and obligations of each partner with indication to the main tasks to be performed and the resources allocated to them within the project budget.

2.- Organisation of six international meetings for management purposes (including kick-off and final meeting) to discuss the progress of the project and to take common decisions affecting project implementation.

3.- The elaboration of a Manual of Procedures to be used by the Partnership in their decision and which will contribute as well to the quality insurance).

Two tools are envisaged to facilitate the tasks of controlling internally the progress of the project and the performance of the partners:

a) a worksheet incorporating the main outputs and achievement deadlines in correspondence with the work plan, and;

b) a worksheet to register the incurred expenditure towards the planned budget on the basis of timesheets.

These kinds of instruments have proved to be very useful in the implementation of previous projects.

To facilitate the communication of the relevant information to be exchanged and checked, the website of the project will integrate a file-exchange module in the way of an intranet, where the two master documents with the most recent updates will be accessible by all partners and the National Agency. Each partner will have its own section to update their contributions both in terms of docs serving the purpose of intellectual outputs development, and those related purely with management related docs.