Work Packages Quality Plan

Quality Assurance Control Plan of the project

The objective of this work package is to carry out a Quality Assurance Control of the project results and activities, according to work plan presented in the application

A continuous assessment of the partial results of all work packages will put in place during the development of the project, using for this purpose the four-month periodic performance checks described in the management work package. This will allow the control of each activity and, if necessary, introduce the corrective measures needed to solve any deviation related to time or quality results, which will be prepared by the project promoter with the assistance of the designated technical and administrative supporting partners and then discussed and adopted by the whole consortium in the relevant International meetings (or through specific conference calls, in the necessary actions are considered urgent).

The external evaluator will also work on a continuous basis, by providing inputs based on the collected documentary evidences. She/he will also participate in 2 International meetings previous to the elaboration of the official reports, so to provide suggestions and orientations on the relevant aspects to be communicated in those reports.